Facial Treatments

Eminence Organic Facials                                 $135
 A luxurious customized facial is Spa Solace's signature facial treatment which is also combined with all other facial services.                                                             

Oxygen-Microdermabrasion                               $145

 Diamond tip-oxygen Microdermabrasion vacuums and exfoliates the skin preparing it for superb product delivery.


​Derma-Plane Facial                                            $145
Considered the "ladies" Shave, removing hair and refining the skin's surface smooth and polished.                       
Gua-Sha Gemstone Facial                                  $140
Healing Gemstones rose quartz, jade are used in lymphatic massage to the face and neck for toning and firming and detoxification.


Brighten-Tighten Anti-Oxidant Facial                   $140

Combined antioxidants of Vitamic C, Mangosteen, Licorice Root the skin is deeply rejuvenated, hydrated and brightened.


Zen In Peace Out Meditative Facial                        $150 
Deeply grounding and centering, this facial incorporates meditation and aromatherapy into a uniquely customized 
Eminence Organic facial experience.             

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